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Relationship Miracles

Learn here about the miracles that God can send into your life through angels to bless your relationships with God and other people -- from your family and friends, to the difficult people you encounter.

How Can Past Pain Turn Into Future Miracles?
When you turn your struggles into service, you invite God to work through you to do miracles in your life and the lives of the people you’re serving.

Famous Stories of Miraculous Forgiveness
These famous people were deeply hurt, yet chose to forgive and credited God for the miraculous power to do so.

The Miracle of Getting Along with Difficult People
People can be difficult, but relationships don't have to be. Here's how you can rely on help from God and the angels to get along with difficult people...

How Can Loneliness Lead Me Closer to God and the Angels?
Feeling lonely isn't necessarily bad. Loneliness, while painful, can become a blessing when you let it lead you to closer relationships with God and the angels...

It’s Never Too Late for Love
This couple shows that it's never too late to get a fresh start in love.

Downsizing Family Sets Miraculous Change in Motion
One family's decision to make a significant sacrifice changes many people's lives in miraculous ways.

How Can I Let Go of Bitterness and Get a Better Life?
When you choose not to be bitter, your life can miraculously get better...

How Can I Move Beyond Temporary Happiness to Lasting Joy?
Happiness can only be a temporary state of mind when you like your current circumstances. But the miracle of joy is that it gives you lasting fulfillment in any situation...

What Happens During a Near-Death Experience?
People who go through near-death experiences report that they've miraculously visited the afterlife, and often they're profoundly changed after they return. What usually happens during near-death experiences?

The Miracle of a Healthy Romantic Relationship
Unhealthy romantic relationships surround you everywhere in our society. But with help from God and the angels, you can enjoy a healthy relationship with your romantic partner...

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