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Rescue on a Train

Reader Story by Rosaesther Herrera


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I had a dangerous encounter I didn’t expect when I was riding a train and a woman suddenly punched me while some men started arguing with me. It was clear that they were targeting me because of my race. I was depressed and annoyed about their mean-spirited words about Hispanic people and the abusive way they were treating me, so I argued with them. This unfortunately made the situation turn even more violent. As the train pulled into its next station, a woman pushed me very hard, and the group of men approached me as if they were about to kill me.

Disoriented, I managed to quickly utter a brief prayer: "My God!"

Suddenly, the train door opened and the people who had threatened me just ran out and kept running away. I hesitated to get off the train at the same stop in case the people came back to harass me, but I finally got off and spoke with two police officers who told me that it was a miracle that I was okay after what had just happened.

I thank God that he interfered, because if not, I could have died. It all happened so quickly, with everything in my favor, even though I'd made the mistake of arguing with people in a dangerous situation. I have to say my heavenly father loves me and forgives all my imperfections.

I am loved. That's why I write to testify because this miracle is proof of his love for me. Even though I was not thinking right, God knew that I loved him and needed him, and he responded quickly to rescue me.

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